Sunday, July 5, 2015 Spammers

A couple years I did a couple small orders with and I've regretted it ever since. The orders actually shipped and were fine, but I've been constantly email spammed by them since that time, and their emails have been getting progressively more obnoxious. Unsubscribing from their email has no effect.

Not only does unsubscribing from their email offers have no effect, this is one of the few companies I've found that does not appear to have a single contact point that I can find. They get horrible reviews, and I'm not the only one accusing them of being spammers.

Notice below that the email from miniinthebox doesn't even have a return address to their domain.

It has the word 'trust' in the subject line, better open it soon!

On the site, it lists Mini In The Box's reasoning for not having any email address to contact the company:

- Few customers have wanted it
- They simply don't use email for support
- They don't feel email is secure

...and yet they have no problem filling my inbox with email I don't want and have no way of turning off or contacting them to turn off. Smells a little funny to me. I've seen these Chinese super-stores have some pretty nonsensical behavior, but I haven't seen one stoop this low or lay it on so thick.

This is not a good company by any stretch of the imagination and I highly recommend avoiding them like you would an infectious disease.

Notice below that when you unsubscribe, it's not even the same domain, and you can see the second hint of trouble by the wording it gives you. Like "You've unsubscribed but don't worry, you'll still enjoy our spam."

Wait, what?
From this point on I'm going to definitely pay attention and document all the spam they send me, and will try to come back to this article.

Below is the domain registration information for Notice that they have enabled privacy protection to obscure the public information about their web site. Who a web site belongs to has always been public record, until the registrars decided they could milk the shit out of their customers and sell them privacy. Mini in the box is a Chinese company that's definitely not located in Florida with any phone numbers that ring anywhere in America.

A shady company that's done everything they can to make themselves hard to contact, say it aint so!

UPDATE 7/12/2015

Here they are again in my inbox. I'm not going to try to unsubscribe anymore. That ship has sailed. They appear to have a legitimate email provider and I have sent an email to their abuse department to  see what they might think of their client's spammy habits.

UPDATE 7/20/2015: After the email request to Cheetahmail's abuse department bounced and I blogged about it, they contacted me and told me that they took my name off the Miniinthebox mailing list.


  1. I had the same experience as you.. and what do you know, their abuse email address listed bounces... far out!

    1. It reminds me of Verizon accidentally overcharging millions of people for years, even though it was well known they were doing that. Funny how large corporations always error on the side of what financially benefits them.

  2. They are now using Amazon SES, I'll contact them...
    Thanks for writing about this.

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  4. Bought 3 digital wathes. No conformation email received. I received with previous 2 orders but not the this time. when traid to contact them they did not even respond or messages dont get through. High Tec SCAM.

  5. Conveniently the coment, that I replied to, has been removed. Whatta coincidence.

  6. At Mining the box they never solve problemes. it's only a show off site only without any relult whatsoever. If you check the answers from them are all almost the same. Automated andswers.Not real responce. No means of getting help from them.