Disclosure and Disclaimer

I am an Amazon Affiliate. It's how I make the few bucks that this site makes. You follow one of the links and if you buy something, I get a small commission. I buy most of my review samples from Amazon with my own hard earned money and most of what we buy for our house comes from Amazon Prime. We buy almost everything but groceries from them. I wouldn't link to Amazon if I didn't use them myself, and again, most of the links I provide are the same links to products I purchased. I eat my own dog food as they say.

In some cases, my favorite and affiliated Amazon isn't the best place to buy something. In those cases, I will usually provide a link to a retailer which I purchased the item from unless it's a small difference. But that doesn't mean I couldn't screw it up, and sometimes products / vendors / prices change and my link may not be the good deal it was when I linked it. But unless there's a compelling reason not to, I provide the same link to the same product which I purchased for my review.

However-- and this is the disclaimer part-- while I take my efforts and reputation very seriously, it's better to cover myself by asking you, the readers, to assume I am a corporate shill who will sell you out for pennies on the dollar, and that every blog post earns me buckets of money by tricking you into clicking my links.

Also, I have Google AdSense ads enabled on most of my blogs. I haven't seen one dime yet from it, but maybe someday I will, so anyone reading this should also assume I'm a shill for Google as well. At least they have a sign that says "Don't be evil" in their lobby...

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