Friday, July 28, 2017

TeeSpring Is An Awful Company

It seemed like a good idea. I run a Facebook page with over 400,000 followers, and selling a few t-shirts to make a few bucks seemed like a good thing to do. We ran a few campaigns, we sold a few t-shirts--everything seemed fine.

Our fans got their t-shirts, TeeSpring made the money, but they never paid us. Their payouts page says "payouts can take up to 4 days to process".

When I requested the payout, their system sent me an email:

There's a little "contact support" link in the payout message, so after a week passed by, I clicked on the link and got the screen below, saying the payment support page had been moved to provide better service, with a link to the generic contact form, which gives a long list of reasons why you're contacting support, and they all look like they are geared towards the buyers, and not the sellers.

So, I used the generic contact form to describe my problem. They replied that they were upgrading their computer systems, and that it would take a couple more days, and to try back then if I still hadn't received the payment. I tried this a couple more times, each time waiting a few days, as instructed. The reply email gave a seller support email, so after a few times of using the general support form, I started emailing them directly.

Thus far I've received a few variations on  "we are working on this site wide problem" which they have been working on for a month.

Even though I took my campaigns down, they continued to sell my t-shirts, and so I continued to request more payouts. I'm now up to 4 unpaid payouts, and it's safe to say I won't be using TeeSpring any more. I think TeeSpring is an awful company.

*** Update 8/1/2017 ***

They paid 2 of the smaller payouts a few days ago. So, I waited a few days to see if they were going to pay the bigger one (and the other, smaller one), and ... nothing. I replied to one of the payout emails and got this back.

They couldn't just look that up on their computer system? I replied with the payout numbers and amounts, but didn't receive a reply after a day.

So ... I tried their live chat, with no better luck.

They didn't respond to the last comment, though it says "seen." It doesn't seem like I'm even dealing with a real company...

*** Update 8/1/2017 ***

TeeSpring finally got us the last two payouts, after a month of telling me they'd provide an update once it is available. Our first test run with TeeSpring did pretty with sales, but I don't thin it was ultimately worth the hassle. We know a couple other Facebook page owners who have experienced similar problems with TeeSpring, so we're going to stay with SunFrog for now.

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