Thursday, February 25, 2016

Disney To Employees: Pay Us To Influence Politicians

In a letter to its employees, Disney recently asked its employees to help corrupt politicians through the millions of dollars it spends on lobbying. Apparently that's not enough, because they are asking their employees to take payroll deductions to help fund DisneyPac, the IP protectionist Super PAC long known for getting laws favoring Disney literally rubber stamped.

The letter, according to Ars Technica, brags about getting the TPP treaty passed, among other things. The TPP for people who haven't heard of it, is an awful trade agreement which was negotiated in complete secrecy, lest anyone find out how bad it was, and quietly ratified by its member countries before anyone realized what was going on.

A few years back when ICE (yes, the immigration service) launched a campaign to stamp out file sharing sites (which it failed at,) it kicked everything off from Disney headquarters just to show everyone how corrupt our political system is.

So, if you work for Disney, they'd sure appreciate if you'd feed their political machine, which for some reason reminds me of this episode of South Park, where Mickey Mouse beats up the Jonas Brothers!

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