Thursday, January 28, 2016

Spam Buddies: Epicurious and Vanity Fair

It's bad enough that Epicurious sends me email spam every day that I've been powerless to stop. But then, long after I tried to unsubscribe from their emails, they give my email to their sister company, Vanity Fair, which starts sending me unwanted emails. I managed to get Vanity Fair to stop emailing me, but now it looks like the Epicurious email spam is pushing for people to subscribe to Vanity Fair. Their spam is now incestuous.

Nice. For only a dollar per month, I can subscribe to a shitty magazine! But all the unwanted emails--those will be free!

I did notice that Epicurious now has two different email footers. Looks like Conde Nast is consolidating all their spam into one giant machine.

The emails I've been getting all along have this footer:

But ever since Vanity Fair started emailing me, I noticed that the footer changed on the other emails coming from Epicurious.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes it's really hard to block spam emails. They don't just subscribe you to single list but multiple list. Once you unsubscribe from one of them then they start sending you from another.

    Looks like Vanity fair and these people are doing the same.