Thursday, November 19, 2015

FCC Response To Complaint Against Epicurious

Well, the FCC finally responded to my complaint. I wonder why big corporations like this can violate the law with no consequences, when, you know, there's no consequences. I'm really glad to hear that no further action is required, even though Epicurious continues to send me email almost two months after I pressed the unsubscribe button.

Oh, and I filed an FTC complaint the same day I filed the FCC complaint. I'm not holding my breath. Meanwhile, they send me spam every single day, weekends and holidays included.

FCC Consumer Complaints (FCC Complaints)
Nov 17, 10:32 AM
Hi Mark
Thank you for your submission. Your complaint provides the FCC with important information we can use to develop policies to protect consumers, remedy violations of the Communications Act, and encourage future compliance with the law.
The FCC appreciates the information you’ve shared with us. It appears that the Federal Trade Commission will be better able to assist you.
We urge you to contact that agency about this matter.
Please go to the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer website at You can review educational materials or file a complaint.

As such, no further action is required by the FCC. Your complaint was closed as of today.

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