Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Amazon Guaranteed Shipping Is A Scam

Image result for amazon primeI'm a big lover of Amazon Prime. I place orders all the time, and most of the time with Prime, it make sense versus driving to somewhere like Target and paying a little more. Why spend that time and gas to drive across down when I can walk across the driveway?

Now, the main reason to drive to somewhere like Target or Home Depot is when you need it right now. But for the most part, waiting 2 days for prime isn't a problem. Except when it's 3 days. Or 4 days, or more.

The problem with Amazon is that they give you messages at checkout telling you that your order is guaranteed by a certain date, if you order within a certain time. Just the other night, I bought something, where it gave me the message that I would get it by Tuesday if I ordered in the next 29 minutes, so I clicked the order button.

But Amazon's "guaranteed delivery" is really just a best effort. It's not a real guarantee, which normally comes with some other promise. Guaranteed, or what?

If you can't answer the "or what?" part, then your guarantee is not worth anything. Here is a landing page which explains how to get that awesome guaranteed delivery. It all sounds great, but notice that the guarantee is the only promise. They even state "Note: Your delivery date promise for Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery will state Guaranteed and be displayed on the final page before you place the order." Notice that they don't tell you what will happen if your order doesn't arrive on time.

So it's a promise! They promise to get your package there on a certain date, not a promise to do their best to get it to you by that date--it's a promise to get it there on that date!

Supposedly buried in the fine print is the knowledge that you can get a free extension of your Prime service. It's not a horrible "or what?" but it still bugs me. They know when they break their promise because they know when something is delivered. But they are happy breaking their promises and letting you figure out what your recourse is.

As much as love Amazon, they are getting kind of slimy.

Update: After emailing them at cis@amazon.com they extended my Prime subscription by a month. That's something, but it still bugs me that guarantee something that's out of their control.

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