Friday, August 28, 2015

Bank Of America: Major Grief

All I wanted was a paper bank statement so I could use it to establish Oregon residency. I need something official looking with my address on it and a postmark so that I can get things like a driver's licence here.

So, I went to their web site and there was an option to request a paper statement even though my account is set to paperless. I ordered the statement and waited. And waited. Finally I called their customer service.

Calling customer service was fun. First, it asked me to enter my ATM PIN number, which I did. The system happily informed me that the PIN number didn't match the phone number on file.What? I had to look up my full account number on their web site and key it in to the phone system just to proceed.

So, when I finally got to talk to a person, he asked me my first and last name, full address, date of birth and last 4 digits of my social security number. This is almost as much information as I opened the account with.

We started with me asking what was the problem calling into the phone system. We went over my phone number on their system and he said it looked right, but it was the telephone access PIN I needed to key in, not my ATM PIN, which the system specifically asked me for.

To setup a telephone PIN, he gave me a temporary PIN, and asked me to call the system, key in my full social security number plus the number 1, and then enter the temporary PIN, at which point it will supposedly let me create a real PIN. Seriously? The CSR didn't believe me that the phone system specifically asked me for the ATM pin number for the card ending in XXXX. But this can of worms wasn't even why I was calling, so I moved on.

I next asked the CSR if he could see what happened to the paper statement that I requested and which never arrived. He told me that it looked like they had sent it to my North Holly Street address in Anaheim. Which is great, but I haven't lived there in almost 20 years, and I didn't give them that address.

So, after discovering that they were using my 20 year old address that I never gave them, not even 20 years ago, and informing me that the problem was corrected, we started to order the paper statement. He supposedly verified everything and after a waiting period of 5 business days, their system will send me a paper statement for my most recent account period.

What a nightmare. I only chose "BofS" because they are the closest branch to where I moved, and two of my siblings bank there. I love my hillbilly Banner Bank but they don't have many branches near where I live, so I wanted something closer.

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