Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AT&T Spam

Most companies have just dropped all pretense of pretending to respect their customers. The goal of most companies these days is to grab your attention and get you to buy something before your attention is lost. I'm pretty sure they think you and I are too stupid to remember something like a company trying to trick you into buying their products or clicking on their links. Besides, everyone else is doing it. What phone company, bank, insurance company, etc. treats anyone like a valued customer these days? They treat you like you are a rag to wring out is how they treat you.

And AT&T didn't care if you hated them when they were the only phone company in the country before they were broken up for being a monopoly, and they don't care if you hate them now. So, it's not surprising that they would try to trick their wireless customers, especially the under-privileged prepaid customers.

I got this email with a subject saying "Prepaid: Action Required" and I thought "WTF, I  better read it in case they suddenly think I didn't pay my bill." since they play so many shenanigans with their prepaid non-customers.

The email says:

Because you're a valued customer, we'd like to keep you up to date with announcements and service updates throughout the year. To make sure you're receiving these notifications, we're writing to confirm we have your current email address.

This is so full of wrong. First, they don't even treat me like a customer in the first place. Prepaid is totally different from their main wireless operations--you even pay your bill at a different web site. I don't think I'm technically even an AT&T customer--I think it's "go" something. Second, they know my phone number and already use text messages to give me notifications (and spam).

Just today I got this super awesome notification in the form of a text message, so I know they have no problem reaching me.

Great news! They caved into marketing pressure from their competitors and decided not to screw me out of data I paid for. 

And third, what part of their email required action? 

What I think happened is that they put "prepaid: action required" to scare me, a lowly under-privileged prepaid phone user, into looking at an email that was only confirming they have the right email so they can start sending me email spam in addition to text spam. By the way, I did send "Stop" as a reply to the above text, so we'll see if they honor it.

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  1. Although its hard to hear, it is still true. Nobody is caring for their customer nowadays. All they want to do is to rip us off and leave us half dead.