Friday, March 27, 2015

Petco Spammers

I love Petco. The wife got to keep the Petco account with our recent breakup, so I went ahead and got my own rewards card, which obviously you have to put your email on. I mentioned that I love Petco, right? So I gave them my real email address, and that's where I started liking them less.

The first couple days I got probably a dozen emails from them. Well I just signed up, so maybe they have a lot of good deals to tell me about. And then the next day, just as many emails, and the day after that.

About the third day after getting my new rewards card, I went to their site and opted out of all their emails. They sent me confirmation that I had opted out, and reminded me in the email that it would take a while to "process" my request. So they continued to spam me for about 24 hours after that.

I had almost forgot about them when I started getting spam yesterday. Just a few little spam emails, not the onslaught I originally got. But I have opted out of all email communication from them. You would think in this age of big data, a large database would not "forget" that I told the company I didn't want any more emails from them.

There's no excuse for companies like this to push the envelope with not only my decades of good will as a customer, but the law as well. I'm sure if I could magically talk to one of their executives, they would say something like "oops, we're still working on that" when we all know it's in their best financial interest to make lots of mistakes with their email marketing. Mistakes that I'm guessing are all in their favor.

So, I'm doing about what anyone can do, which is make my complaint on my blog where a mega-company like Petco can't spin the facts, and the fact is that they don't honor their opt-out email operations.

Over the last couple months I've really cut down the spam in my many inboxes, mostly by holding legitimate companies to their opt out, which I'm sad to say almost never happens simply by opting out. I normally have to make a big production out of it.