Thursday, November 6, 2014

TorGuard Sucks

I used the TorGuard VPN service for a few months. They would send me a bill every week before it was expired. That's normal, and I usually pay bills when they come in. The problem was that they were subtracting time off my account every time I paid it early.

For example, let's say I paid it on 1/1/2103 and it was due to be renewed on 2/1/2013, which gives me a month of service. So far, so good. But then let's say they send me a bill on 1/21/2013 and I pay it on that day. Now they would show my account expiration date as 2/21/2013 and all of the sudden every time I pay a week early, I lose a week's worth of service. So in this example, I would then get a bill on 2/15/2013 telling me that my account expires on 2/21/2013 and asking me to pay a week early, and now after paying a week early two months in a row, I now get 45 days worth of service, and so on.

I'm pretty sure it's only one guy that runs this company, and if you search on sites like for this stinker of a company, you will see many rambling tirades against anyone who complains about the service. The owner is known for profanity-laden insults towards his customers.

UPDATE: Looks like I might have been the recipient of one of those insulting tirades!

I had opted out of all emails from TorGuard, but today I got an email from TorGuard support, telling me about this great new service they have. But I'm no longer a customer. In fact, I had to file a PayPal dispute to get my money back. TorGuard never responded to the PayPal dispute by the way.

So today I get an email from a company whose email I opted out of and who I had to go to PayPay to get a resolution with, using its support resolution email as a return address. Classy.

That isn't gonna happen, so naturally I replied with this:

I found it odd that the spam email they sent to me was from TorGuard support. I was no longer a customer! And true to form, they replied by opening a support ticket. At this point, all I had done was respond to spam from a company that I had a bad experience with and opted out of.

So now, with my trouble ticket generated, I waited to see what nuggets of wisdom would come from this company I had an awful experience with. And of course, they didn't disappoint!

I made a screen shot of the first comment in case the person tries to delete it after the fact. I don't know for sure it was the owner of TorGuard, as does not give me the tools to do an IP trace (which is probably coming through a VPN anyway haha) and Google has been a good host for the blog so far. This reply is consistent with the owner's attitudes towards his customers from the stories I've read, and my own personal experience.

Also, what makes a supposedly random commentor say that my story is complete nonsense? PayPal understood what I was saying when I filed the dispute. I've been building back end commercial billing systems for decades, I've seen a couple of these companies parlay billing issues with their system into greater profits. Like "oops, we'll look into that" *wink* *wink* Math isn't that hard. Seems like a pretty simple example I made of paying for 30 days and then seeing my expiration date continually giving me less and less service. When doing date calculations for billing systems, there are 3 dates a programmer cares about: Effective Date, Expiration Date and As Of date

A happy, amused and clearly angry bigot! That's quite an emotional range there, and this also marks another milestone as a blogger: my first truly bigoted comment.


  1. I found this hilarious - well done to that TorGuard support agent, i would have replied back to you in the same fashion you moaning sad faggot! why even reply like that ?

    By reading your shitty little blog, i still signed up for TorGuard and i must say what you have said is complete nonsense.

    Happy TorGuard Customer! xxxx

    1. Yeah, I'm guessing you are the owner of TorGuard. The one with a well known propensity for insulting any customer with a less than positive experience. All anyone has to do is Google 'TorGuard Problems' and there's no shortage of links that come up, and the rating on the first entry of the results is a whopping 4.6/10 stars. TorGuard still sucks.

    2. Excuse me? you are accusing me of being the owner of TorGuard? lol im pretty sure the owner of tor guard have better things to do with there time than post to this shit little blog.

      The link was pointed out to me by a friend who is a customer of another vpn provider but i still gave TorGuard a go and i really don't see a problem, support are very friendly and very responsive and the service is good.

      You have have probably been a dick (And haven't posted the full story) and merited that reply going by your response to them when they sent a newsletter. I guess if your going to be a dick you will be treated like a dick ey?

      And btw you obviously do not understand the product or understand the billing as your assumptions are completely wrong.

      Happy TorGuard Customer xxx

  2. Hello, just wanted to chip in here..

    I doubt you have built any billing systems, you pay for a service on the 1st for example, its then due the next month on the 1st, so yes you will be generated an invoice 7 days before reminding you when you bill is due which is also normal, you need to pay your invoice "before" this date to keep your service running OBVIOUSLY, i believe TorGuard gives users a few days grace time if they have not paid in time and this is taken into account when a user pays there invoice, otherwise users can do this every month to get free time.

    Surely someone who builds billing systems for a living (Yeah right) would understand this ?


    1. John, you clearly missed the crux of the issue while reading the blog post. This has nothing to do with receiving the invoice 7 days early; this is about the end-of-service date being changed every time the bill is paid before it's due. Read the post again.

  3. Ye average reviewer does not stalk the source of a poor review multiple times after the review has gone up. So, yeah, this smells of sockpuppet harassment to me.

    I'm a writer. Do you know what writers should never do? Reply to or harass reviewers:

    The more this guy responds (and seems to be talking to himself), the worse this looks. Move on. Get back on your meds.

    1. Thanks for the link--good post. It's the opposite for me. I have a couple software products and I haven't looked yet to see what the reviews are. It's like eavesdropping or something. I know it could help make a better product, but it just feels weird. For the most part, I think opinions about my work are none of my business. The reward for good work is more work, right?

  4. The denial-of-service attacks were a nice touch, though Google seemed to count those as legitimate page views, which helps raise my search ranking on those blogs.

  5. Just doing some browsing and came upon this post. My opinion on the service may be a little biased as I am quite technical and purchased the service for an entire year (50% off coupon! Totally worth it).

    I can definitely see your point on the confusing web pages though, although all the support tickets i opened (to open ports) were met extremely quickly, albeit with responses in broken english.

    I tried PIA and loved their service, but their port forwarding is random and not what I was looking for. I currently have torguard setup in my router so all my home connections (wifi and LAN) get tunneled.

    Just wanted to add my two cents and agree that the ticket responses and web page can be confusing, but I love their service! I cant believe they would be rude in their responses to you, and no one should ever treat customers (past, present, or future!) like that.

  6. I paid for TorGuard for exactly one month of service, told them specifically that I would ONLY be paying for one month, then I got several threatening emails about my "payment being overdue" once the month was up. There's no "overdue payment" since I paid for one month and one month only. There was no need for the multiple threats. Definitely will not be using TorGuard ever again due to this nonsense.