Thursday, November 13, 2014

How To: Disable Video Autoplay on Google Chrome

As a guest, I wouldn't thinking of walking into someone's house and turning on their stereo. And maybe I'm a bad host, but it seems presumptuous for a web site to take it upon itself to make sounds on my speakers without my permission. I'm starting to think that these huge mega-corporations don't have very good manners. They certainly don't seemed concerned with users' bandwidth caps.

Today I finally got sick of videos I never intended to play stepping on my music or movies I watch on the computer, so I figured out how to turn this unsolicited video and sound off, but still be able to watch the video if that's what I intended.

Luckily, Google Chrome has a feature buried in its settings to restrict plugins from auto-playing media until you the user click on something.

Go into Chrome's settings screen and scroll down until you get to the Privacy section. You'll see a button labeled "Content settings." Press the button as shown below.

Then scroll down until you get to the Plug-ins section. It's probably set to "Run automatically" which makes all that crap start playing without your permission.

Change this selection to "Click to play" and click the "Done" button to save the setting.

That's it! It's buried in the settings pretty good, but it's worth the little bit of effort to find it. Now these sites won't hijack my speakers and waste my bandwidth. Some of these news sites will just start playing, sometimes after sitting there doing nothing for a period of time. The site will then start playing video until you tell it to stop, using up your device's power as well as bandwidth.

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