Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Call Is Being Recorded

This call is being recorded for training and quality assurance. I don't think a single soul buys that line of BS, but yet we all put up with it. Your call is being recorded to use against you if some sort of conflict ever arises. And if in the course of that conflict, the recording shows any impropriety by that company, you  can bet it will come up missing. They will be really sorry it's missing, and the excuse will seem plausible.

Have you ever tried recording one of those companies who says they are recording you? I have. The first thing they will tell you is that you don't have their permission to record them. Yep, the same person who just glibly informed you that this call is being recorded will express righteous indignation that you are recording them.

But of course you don't need anyone's permission most of the time, just disclosure. The recording was hilarious, too.

"You don't have my permission to record this conversation."
"No one is forcing you to stay on the phone, and no one is forcing you to talk."
"You need to stop recording me."
"You are free to stop talking at any time."

Eventually it got boring and she did hang up, but I got to thinking about the complete disparity of it. These same people who care so much about their own quality assurance, don't seem to have any regard for mine, even though I spend half an hour listening to their recording tell me how much they value my business...

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