Saturday, July 19, 2014

E-Commerce Spammers

In the course of creating an e-commerce site for my outdoor blog, I noticed something really strange. Only a few minutes after setting up my Drupal Commerce Kickstart software, users started registering. Which is strange because the new domain does not point to the server yet. The spam bots must be connecting straight to my IP address.

I do have my outdoor forums pointed to the server, so maybe it's the same spammers that normally attack and try to spam my forums. Maybe those robot spam toolkits have the ability to register with e-commerce sites as well as Internet forums and blog comment pages.

It seems really sophisticated but I'm not sure what an attacker has to gain by registering for an e-commerce site. Either way it's clear that I will have challenges running an Internet store that I never considered.

A long list of robots waiting to shop from my store?

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