Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Phone Scammers: Part Three

Finally I think they took me off of their call list. I had a very interesting exchange with the same gentleman who, uh, claimed on a previous call that he had relations with my mother. It didn't sound like he remembered me, but I remembered him. I am typing this from memory, but our exchange went something like this:

(Recording) "Hi, this is Rachael from account services. There is no problem, and your account is in good standing, so we are calling to offer you a lower interest rate. Press #1 to speak with us about this limited time offer."

(presses 1)

"Hello, this is account services, did you press 1 for a lower interest rate?"

"Hi, this is account services, right?"

"Yes sir!"

"And my account is in good standing, right?"

"Sir, I don't know what you're talking about. We work with many different companies to find you the best rate."

"But your recording said that my account was in good standing."

"Sir, you are wrong."

"Do you think I forgot what the recording said when I just heard it a few seconds ago?"

"And yet, you pressed 1"

"Yes I did."

"Why is that? Why did you press 1?"

"Because you are scammers, and I figure every minute I waste is one less minute you have to talk to someone more vulnerable."

"That's stupid because we'll just keep calling you 3 or 4 times a day."

"With your spoofed caller ID."


"Just like you have been for the last several weeks."

"And you keep pressing 1?"

"Yes sir. I have wasted quite a bit of your time."

He said something snarky and I said "Talk to you tomorrow, scammer a**hole." and hung up. It's been a couple weeks since and they haven't called back. If they do, I've been thinking over a few scenarios where I can maybe even reverse scam them. I read somewhere that there was a small group of people who managed to scam one of those Nigerian scams out of something like 10 bucks.

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