Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Battery Capacity Tests

Recently I got this Opus BT-C3100 "analyzing" charger. This charger can test the actual capacity of a wide range of rechargeable battery chemistries, including NiCD, NiMH and Li-ion chemistries. For the most part the bigger name batteries deliver at least the capacity they promise, but it's good to keep them honest. There are also off-brands which can perform as good or better than their big name counterparts, or fall horribly short.

Photo of some of the batteries being tested, such as Olight, AW, Efest and LG

This post will be updated as I test more batteries.

ProductChemistryStatedActual# SamplesLowHigh
DLG 14500 Flat TopLi-ion7507514734759
Eneloop XX AANiMH25002480424552496
eFest 16340 IMRLi-ion5505774555594
AW RCR123ALi-ion7505594556565
Olight 14500Li-ion7508014788821
Sanyo UR14500P 14500Li-ion8408194808825
Ultrafire AA NiMHNiMH35004084373431


  • AW is supposed to be the best money can buy, so it's a little disappointed to see the test results of the first batch of batteries I bought.
  • Normally I don't buy Ultrafire batteries, which are considered to be crap. But they do make a few decent models, and this battery had over 400 reviews with 5 stars! They must have been switched out to fakes at some point.


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