Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Phone Scammers Part 2

They've been calling my work number almost every day.  Never the same phone number twice, in fact never the same state twice. They claim be calling from  "account services" and ask me to press 1 to lower my interest rate, which then gets me on hold about a minute. I rarely get very far with them before they sniff me out for purposefully leading them on. When asked "what company are you with?" they usually reply with "this is account services" or some such mumbo jumbo.

They are pretty good about sniffing out questions that would catch them in an outright lie, and usually just hang up immediately after being asked such a question. Asking something like "are you account services from my bank?" usually gets me a hangup. One creative guy yesterday answered "no sir, your bank would never call you to save you money" which I thought was an interesting response and thanked him for his honest and creative reply before I pressed the hangup button.

At any rate, if the name of your company is "account services" and you routinely spoof your caller ID to mask your true whereabouts, then there is a special circle of hell reserved just for you. It makes me wonder how many vulnerable people like the elderly they are preying upon. I try to do my part by keeping them on the phone as long as possible.

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  1. Yeah, the caller probably spoofed your caller ID to show different phone numbers each time. I found this article at that talked about how the tactic works and it's surprisingly easy, with some telephone companies actually providing the tools to facilitate spoofing.