Saturday, July 27, 2013

The 10 Dollar Light Bulb

A few months ago, Cree issued a press release stating that they finally broke the 10 dollar price point for a 60 Watt replacement LED light bulb. It's reported to only consume 9 watts of power- nice. Well, there are finally a few stores like Home Depot making good on that promise, though $12.97 is not $10.00, FYI. They can be had from Amazon, but it looks like Home Depot is the best place to get them right now.

In addition to possibly lasting 20 years or more, they can also be dimmed, unlike compact florescent bulbs. Also unlike florescent bulbs, they come on to full brightness immediately; there is no warm-up period.

The new bulb is available in different tints, and the warm tint is reported to have a very similar tint to a classic incandescent bulb, unlike the hideously tinted florescent. I've always thought that compact florescent bulbs were just a stopgap until LED technology caught up with it in output and efficiency, and now here we are.

As a longtime LED enthusiast, it's very gratifying to see LEDs come into their own. They give us just about everything we could want in a lighting application. Now, we just need to get those bulbs closer to $5.

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