Saturday, May 4, 2013

Android Whip App From Big Bang Theory

I don't know if this is the exact app seen on the show, but it's called the "Big Bang Whip" and sounds just like the one we saw on that episode of Big Bang Theory. It's made by what appears to be a small shop, Studio 215. They don't seem to have a web site.

The great thing about this app is that there's no ads or nagware. It's free and all it does is make a whip sound. So far it's been great fun. It's a completely unproductive app which I highly recommend. I tried several other whip apps. Some had cool features like machine gun sounds, but they all had varying degrees of overbearing crap. This app is as minimalist as you can get. Just you and your whip.

Use is simple and intuitive: hold your phone like a whip and make a whipping motion.

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