Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creating App Folders In Android

I had an Android tablet for quite a while before I got an Android phone. One of the first things I noticed with the phone was that the screen was so small, it hardly has any room for apps on its desktop. Luckily, it's easy to arrange your app icons into folders to give you more real estate to work with on your screen.

Step 1 - Drag 'N Drop

Android will automatically create a folder when you drag an app icon into another app icon. Simply touch and hold an icon to move it, and then just drag it to another icon you want this icon to be in the same folder with. Note that the target icon, i.e. the one your dragging an icon to, retains the icon for the outside of the folder.

For my example, I wanted to create a folder to hold all my online shopping apps like Amazon, NewEgg, etc. I use Amazon the most and I wanted to make it the icon for the folder, so I started dragging my icons into Amazon, one at a time.

Create Android Folder 1/4
Here's how I started
Create Android Folder 2/4
With one icon added

Create Android Folder 3/4
With two icons added
Create Android Folder 4/4
Now my  four icons are one icon!

Step 2 - Name Your Folder

Now that you've created your folder, tap the icon and you will see a little window pop up. You can tap towards the bottom and enter a name for your folder.

Create Android Folder - Name Your Folder

I typed in "Shopping" and now I have a Shopping folder to contain and organize all my shopping apps.

Create Android Folder - Type In A Name

Create Android Folder - Finished product: Shopping

Step 3 - Treat Your Folder Just Like An App

Now that you combined all your app icons, you can move the folder around as you like. When you tap that folder, it will pop open the little folder window and let you select which app you want.

Create Android Folder - New Folder Is Open

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