Sunday, March 31, 2013

How To Fix VMWare 9 Guest OS Freezes

This is a quick post to show a solution for the VMWare 9 guest OS freezing problems that plagued me for a couple months and was a real pain to figure out.

It all started when I upgraded to VMWare Workstation 9, and some of my guest machines would periodically freeze. About every thirty seconds, it would freeze up for about ten seconds on my Windows 7 x64 guest virtual machine and a couple other machines. It was an incredibly frustrating problem to solve, and hopefully this post will save others some of the aggravation that I went through.

Step 1 - Removed Unused Hardware

That's it. That's the only step! Go into the settings for the guest machine and you will see a screen that looks like this:

Now all you have to do is hi-light the hardware you don't absolutely need, like the floppy drive and the sound card, and click the Remove button.

Once I removed the hardware I didn't care about, the guest freezes went away! This probably works for other combinations of versions for VMWare and Windows. I was having the same problem with a Windows 8 guest, too.

Here's what the problem machine looks like now. All the freezes are gone.


  1. Thank you for the post- I had the same problem (Windows 7 Pro VM freezing every 20 seconds). I started by disabling all unnecessary hardware devices as you suggested, and the problem immediately resolved. I went a step further and tested turning each hardware device back on, one at a time. Turns out the floppy drive was culprit. Thanks again for the fix; excellent work!

  2. Thanks a bunch for you article. It fixed my issue with workstation constantly/annoyingly freezing up. I had been using virtualbox because of this for a year but for reasons I needed workstation back and you had the perfect answer.

    Anonymous is correct its the floppy drive... who uses floppies anymore.. I still have a few laying around lol =)

  3. Oh, man! Thanks a lot. This is awesome. I tried bunch of other things, but only your advice really helped.

  4. Thanks a lot for posting this, I have had this issue with my vmware workstations freezing up for a long time now and I have upgraded RAM, installed faster drive without fixing the problem, your solution fixed the issue right away! Thanks again.

  5. I tried it with Vmware WorkStation 11 (paid version). I tried first just ticking off the hardware I didn't need instead of full removal.... your solution works like a charm (although I did add the line: vmmon.disableHostParameters = "TRUE" to the corresponding ProgramData and AppData\Roaming folders, config.ini file as a second safety net). You saved me from a lot of heartache. Thank You very much. You Rock!!.

  6. I already had floppy drive removed from guest configuration but was still suffering freezing for 10secs or so every 30secs. I deleted floppy drive and floppy drive controller from guest device manager, problem solved. Thank you.

  7. thanks a lot,this is the real solution!!