Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Lion Goes .... Squeak?

The elusive Tidbit
Daddy, why does a Lion squeak?
Today I was playing with my little friend, Tidbit. We were having a great time playing with all the toys, which were coincidentally all great animals of the Sahara. Dogs are really no different than little kids, and apparently, neither am I, so we had a good time. As we made our way though the toys, it dawned on me that they all make the exact same squeak sound. Even toys from different manufacturers.

At this point, I'm going to assume this is a worldwide conspiracy to deny our dogs the joy of knowing what each animal sounds like, just as we humans were taught as children.

So, as we made our way through the toys, I would tell Tidbit: "The Lion goes 'Squeeeeaak', The Monkey goes 'Squeeeak', The Rhino goes 'Squeeeak.'" It must have been very unsatisfying for Tidbit. He must think me a liar. Certainly he has unrealistic expectations of what animals sound like on the continent of Africa.

Seriously, in the year 2012 we don't have the technology to make any dog toy sound different from any other dog toy? Shouldn't the animals of the Sahara sound like the animals of the Sahara? They can't put a digital recording of a Monkey inside a toy, stuffed Monkey? Please, mega-dog-toy-corporations and/or Santa Claus, let Tidbit hear the mighty roar of the Lion, or whatever-the-hell sound a Rhino makes!

Our dogs deserve better.

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