Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Look: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

The new Visual Studio 2012 been out less than a week, so I wanted to get some screen shots out there and a few tidbits of info. I'm already bummed to find out that it no longer supports deployment projects. It wants me to use the trial version of InstallShield but then I have to go to their web site and fill out all this information.

So for now I'm sticking with Visual Studio 2010 for anything that has an installer, like some of the Free Software I am building.

What's new at a glance:

  • Build "Metro" style apps
  • Framework 4.5
  • Portable class library format - target multiple framework versions!
  • Online Sample Gallery
  • Better performance and code analysis
  • No longer supports deployment projects
  • Improved graphics editing tools
  • IIS Express gives you an identical development environment to IIS.


It really doesn't like how I did the custom events

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