Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Viacom vs. DirecTV: Heads they win, tails you lose

This morning saw all of Viacom's channels going dark on DirecTV, as the two companies failed to reach a licensing agreement. Viewers wanting to see Sponge Bob, Snookie, or Walter White are out of luck today, as they become human shields in a high stakes game of chicken.

Viacom is portraying DirecTV (and now DISH) as the jerks trying to screw you out of your favorite TV shows. They are the heroes trying to give you Snookie. What they fail to mention is that they jacked up their rates by over 30 percent.

DirecTV is portraying Viacom as the greedy jerks trying to jack up your bill. They are the heroes looking out for the little guy. What they fail to mention is that they'll keep your bill high no matter what deal they make with the big content providers.

As a consumer, I don't get the feeling that either company is really looking out for consumers. Trying to use their customers as pawns in my opinion only shows their true colors. It's hard for me to have sympathy for either company. Either way the consumer loses.

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