Thursday, July 19, 2012

Join The Internet Defense League!

A funny thing happened when they tried to slide in SOPA under the radar. The Internet caught wind of it and the nerds rose up! To this day, the government and especially the entertainment industry doesn't understand what happened. They actually believed that a couple tech companies like Google and Wikipedia hoodwinked every nerd on earth. They think we were misinformed.

The real truth is that overnight, we nerds became a force to be reckoned with. So it is therefore vital that we hold onto this new found power, or we will lose it just as fast as we won it.

The same corporate interests which tried to slide SOPA past us haven't given up. In fact, they are even more determined. They took SOPA personally, and now the gloves are off. For now, the battle is won, but we must stay vigilant. The same people behind SOPA think they can wait until this ruckus dies down, then they'll try the same thing again with another bad piece of legislation or treaty.

To that end, a smart group of folks have come up with the Internet Defense League. When it's time for the nerds to rise up and fight, they will send out a "cat signal" that every member site can broadcast to its members. Personally, I think it's brilliant, and I have signed up as a member. When the "signal goes up", this site will broadcast a message specific to the Internet campaign.

Nerd Jargon is proud to be a member.

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