Monday, June 25, 2012

Build your own HDTV antenna

These days with sky-high cable and movie prices, more people are "cutting the cord" and using a mixture of Over the Air (OTA) live TV and streaming Internet solutions such as Netflix or Hulu. Last year, the nation switched over to all digital OTA signals to free up radio spectrum for other purposes. Which is fine, because pretty much everyone alive has a flat screen HDTV of some sort. All these new TVs have built in digital tuners to pick up OTA signals in full HD. All you need is an antenna!

I came across this article, and I intend on building this antenna. Keep in mind, this antenna is for picking up UHF signals, which digital TV now uses. Growing up in the 70's, UHF was mostly for public access channels like PBS.

TV Antenna Plans

The OTA signals you can pick up vary from area to area, so here is a web site that can help you determine which stations are local to your area.

TV Fool

Here are a few YouTube videos for building a DB4 antenna:

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