Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Learning about Google Sites

Having a great time with Google Sites so far. The tools are very crude and frustrating to learn, but the payoff should be worth it. A free site that can take as many page hits as Google itself. Of course, there's a couple down sides I've found. So far no deal breakers to building my consulting site, though. I will never have controversial content on my consulting site, so there's no chafing against all those rules.

Google's Page Editor - Good Grief !

I am slowly learning to be very annoyed by the built-in page editor. It's very crude and restrictive. I was trying to layout my home page and as I worked with it, it seemed to get worse and worse.

So, I took the raw HTML and pasted it into MS Visual Studio 10.0. I was shocked at what HTML the page editor had created for me. So what I did was create that page from scratch in Visual Studio and then when I was satisfied with it, I copied and pasted it back into Google's page editor. The reverse also works. I can create a widget using Google's page editor and then easily manipulate that HTML using Visual Studio. But so far the idea is to keep the master copies of pages locally and let Google hold the copies.

So ... That did the trick, and my grief mostly went away!

Here's the site I am developing:

The Coder For Hire

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